May 13

Happy Mother's Day folkens! My mother sacrificed her own lucrative PhD career so that she could tend to me better and raise me a better child. I was around 1 year at the time and had she continued with it, would have had been in a much more rewarding career! She never complained. Children came … Continue reading May 13


26 Sep Trade

The benchmark Nifty 50 is expected to open gap down.  It could see further botom levels till atleast the European open. Could see a sharp trace back short covering rally during the late afternoon session.  Hope to recover today! 


I am back after a long break during which I have backtested an algorithm. It isn't anything that needs coding or programming but something that's built on my intuitions.  I am now an active participant in the Zerodha 60 day challenge too.  Will try to win it to see if I can trade full-time! 

Sold Jet Airways! Jun 20

I am normally an index trader and a stocks buyer. I am a firm believer in fundamental analysis and privilege it over any form of technical analysis. I do not discount technical analysis altogether, however! I do look at the charts and consult them for ultra short positions, typically intra-day positions that last for little … Continue reading Sold Jet Airways! Jun 20