Sold Jet Airways! Jun 20

I am normally an index trader and a stocks buyer. I am a firm believer in fundamental analysis and privilege it over any form of technical analysis. I do not discount technical analysis altogether, however! I do look at the charts and consult them for ultra short positions, typically intra-day positions that last for little less than half an hour or so. I am a complete chicken when it comes to buying or selling overnight trading positions in options and futures! Well at least as of now 🙂

When picking stocks, I go with fundamental analysis and never rely on technical analysis. So I bought Jet Airways when it was trading at 497.

The rationale behind the buy was falling WTI Crude Oil prices. Yesterday was a bonanza really! Crude tumbled a lot, almost 2 dollars riding piggyback on supply glut concerns emanating from Libya. Sold all at 563 now. That’s a really cool 13% made in just about a fortnight! I wish I had a sizeable holding however. I was doing it with just 3 shares! 😛


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