2nd update – June 13 trade 2

So it has indeed gone down now! The following screenshots of the Nifty June Futures contract were taken at 2.09 pm and 2.55 pm respectively, confirming my prediction in the previous post to the tee 🙂    


Update to 13 July Trade 2

This is an update to my previous post. I entered into a buy contract at 9641.5 and had an expectation it could possibly breach 9657 or 9662.5 levels. It seemed that there was an incredible amount of resistance at around the 9650 levels. To safeguard my capital and be satisfied with the profits made so … Continue reading Update to 13 July Trade 2

13 June, 2017

First trading day following the satisficing strategy is initiated! The pre market open indications from SGX Nifty indicates a positive opening and a positive bias through the day. In order to capitalize on that, made the following trades: At around 9.20 am, entered a buy at 9636 for a target of 10 points. Achieved. The … Continue reading 13 June, 2017