13 June, 2017

First trading day following the satisficing strategy is initiated!

The pre market open indications from SGX Nifty indicates a positive opening and a positive bias through the day. In order to capitalize on that, made the following trades:

  1. At around 9.20 am, entered a buy at 9636 for a target of 10 points. Achieved. The markets went up to 9654 also but I was happy with my 10 points made.
  2. About an hour later, markets saw some profit booking and therefore dipped to 9638 levels. This is when I initiated another buy at 9638 for a 10 point target. There was some see sawing around the 9641/ 9642 levels, so in order to avoid all of that I just exited at 9641.5.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad day at all. 13 points made (brokerage eats up about roughly 40% of the profits made however!). The markets will see a further up trend today but am not bothered about it. I am trying to stay away from it for the rest of the day.  It would take a bit of discipline and self control to do that but I want to exit the markets on a positive note. So I am hoping it would continue that way 🙂


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